Aruba Entry Requirements Covid-19 Developments


Entry Requirements are in place until for notice. 

The requirements must be met, the online ED card must be succesfully uploaded or the airline will not allow you to board your flight to Aruba. 

Please check the page often and especially a week before traveling to make sure you are meeting all requirements. 


The key points prior to travel are:


1) Mandatory testing (14 & under are exempt)(Either prior to travel: taken & results uploaded within 72 hrs - 12 hrs of travel OR upon Arrival at Aruba Airport, prepaid in online ED process). The test in Aruba is not available to those traveling from a USA Hot Spot - Alabama, Ariona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming (coming from one of these states you must upload the test result in order to be allowed to board the flight to Aruba).


2) Madatory Aruba Covid insurance (paid for during online ED process within 72 hrs - 4 hrs of travel). More info here


3) Online ED declaration prior to travel  (uploaded online within 72 hrs - 4 hrs of travel)

While traveling you want to be well-informed, that's why Aruba's Department of Public Health (DVG) has created the official Aruba Health App. Use the app to make your visit extra safe and pleasant.

The Aruba Health App to unlocks:
Faster lines at the airport — a speedy start to your vacatioLow touch travel — giving you peace of mind
Faster test results — get your test results quickly and conveniently
Health information — know who to call and where to go
Health & Happiness Code business listings — keep track of who has gone the extra mile

Download the official Aruba Health App before you travel to unlock all these advantages and have a safe vacation on the One happy island